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Our People

Jack Viant

Jack Viant graduated from Plymouth College of Art with a BA (Hons) Illustration in 2015. Recently Jack became a Graduate Studentship Lecturer at the College and works alongside the 3E’s Team, students and lecturers.

“As a Studentship Lecturer I work primarily with 1st year degree students and I provide confidence boosting and guidance as well as a mass amount of online visual resources which assist students in making the most out of their time and resources here at the college. Additionally I offer advice and guidance concerning my experience in the art industry as well as supporting the whole ‘good student bad student paradigm’ I aim to guide students along the correct path!”

As well as working at the College Jack also focuses on his work as a Freelance Illustrator. Whilst at New Designers in his third year of study Jack was approached and offered several commissions. He recently worked on projects with Oxford University Press and also created logo's and posters for local new restaurants that are due to open late this year.

“My work is playful and abstract. A lot of my imagery is influenced by vintage edgy cartoons and the surrealist movement. My work is composed digitally but contains hand rendered textures and other elements which are then implemented and manipulated digitally. I enjoy the thought of perpetual chaos! “

Jack enjoys the combination of working at the College, on his own personal projects and also as a Freelance Illustrator.

Visit Jack’s website: www.jiantillustration.co.uk

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