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Our People

Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson graduated from Plymouth College of Art with a First Class Honors in Graphic Design in 2013. Although Matt graduated with a BA Hons in Graphic Design, he had the opportunity to cross over into animation during the final year and discovered that he wanted to be an Animator.

“Plymouth College of Art offered me freedom to explore. I knew that the college was the one for me because of the flexibility of the course. I embraced the opportunity to explore and experiment with Animation as well as Graphic Design. The college has a friendly and open environment that truly helps people find their skills and passion. I am proud to say I studied there.”

In Matt’s final year at Plymouth College of Art he and several other students exhibited work in London at New Designers.

“I had my work noticed by Design Council who awarded me Future Pioneer in Design for Social Change. Design Council then helped me tremendously. They promoted my work, offered me projects and selected a mentor to guide me along my path as a young professional”

Matt’s mentor Michael Murdoch offered him an Internship role as an Animator. The internship led into full time employment and Matt has now been working with Michael for a year and a half.

“In this short time my skill set has improved majorly as has my position in his team.”

Matt has been eager to learn new skills and techniques since completing his degree. Currently Matt is developing his skills to improve character animation through detailed storyboarding of scenes for clients. Since October last year Matt has officially opened the Bristol department of the company, which specialises in Animation. Matt now manages two Animators in Bristol and is enjoying working as part of a motivated and dynamic team. See Matt's website here.

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