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Our People

Nicola Bitton

Nicola Bitton completed an Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production (Film and Television) at Plymouth College of Art. In 2009 Nicola began working as an office runner at an independent production company in London. Over the next couple of years she worked her way up the company training as an Edit Assistant and then Junior Editor.

Within three years Nicola was employed as a full time Editor, going on to work on three BAFTA award winning series. Nicola worked on My Last Summer and Benefit Street for Love Productions. In 2014 Nicola was an Editor on the final of The Great British Bake Off, which was the most watched programme of 2014, with over 13 million viewers.

Nicola is now working as a Freelance Editor and is going to spend four months working at the BBC National History Unit on a new prime time BBC 2 series.

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