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Terry Maughan

<p>Terry has had significant experience as a freelance creative professional, collaborating with national entities like Granada Studios (ITV), as well as engaging in local community initiatives before rejoining Arts University Plymouth in 2013. His academic journey culminated in the attainment of a Masters Degree in Publishing with Illustration, during which he directed his scholarly focus towards elucidating the symbiotic relationship between artistic pedagogy and the publishing domain, particularly through an autonomous approach. Within the realm of game development, Terry collaborates with multiple enterprises, contributing content for traditional boardgames and cartography for Tabletop Role-Playing Games (TTRPGs), alongside his involvement in the creation of independent comic books across diverse formats encompassing artistic rendering, scriptwriting, and lettering. He is also currently engaged with ongoing projects linked to folklore, Dartmoor and storytelling.</p> <p>Currently, Terry is committed to providing students with a good foundation in practical drawing skills, with an impetus on unlocking and realising their own creativity as the industry's new content providers. The main focus of Terry's teaching practice within BA (Hons) Animation &amp; Games has been to provide students with skills linked to context of practice, and how theory and industry all relate to the student's own development as a creative practitioner within the games industry. He also specialises in two-dimensional art, character based design, and concept art. Terry looks to develop the student's understanding of fundamental drawing techniques through the use of life drawing workshops and dynamic drawing lectures related to composition perspective and use of media, all of which converts to an understanding of techniques used in digital image making for thegames industry.</p> <p>Research Interests:</p> <p>Terry is a research academic, with many interests. His current area of focus is the links between AI and Surrealism. Titled Unintentional Surrealism of AI, this research looks to add a different perspective on the current conversations around AI and the imperfection within the realm of AI-generated imagery. Terry has also spoken at the International Society for the Study of Surrealism as a member of the ISEU research group. Which brings<br />together academics from the University Bournemouth, University of Cambridge, and the Alchemical Landscape project. Their work taking its cue from the alchemical and transformative legacies of Surrealism, particularly its perambulatory and cartographic trajectories, the ISEU’s work could be described as a group ascent of Mount Analogue. Each artist seeks the keys to the personal landscapes that the mediumship of the group brings into view. Moving through physical and psychic space, the group also attempts a return voyage, bringing, by way of a ‘veritable occultation’ of conscious intent and an openness to the sphere of the synchronistic, spirit presences back into this world.</p> <p>Research Headlines: </p> <p>Terry's creative endeavours within the ISEU Gazetteer have found a home in the digital pages of the Temporal Boundary website, a publication<br />housed on the Big Cartel publishing platform. Beyond mere publication, Terry's contributions have sparked dialogue and reflection at the prestigious international Trans States conference. Terry's work for the ISEU can be found on its own dedicated space on the web, accessible at <a href="https://www.iseu.space/">https://www.iseu.space/</a>. </p>

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