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Our People

Terry Channell

Freelance Painter
<p>Terry Channell graduated from Plymouth College of Art in 2017 with a BA (Hons) in Painting, Drawing and Printmaking. Since leaving the college, Terry has exhibited work with the Federation of British Artists (FBA) at the Mall Galleries London and at the Rhizome Contemporary Open in Plymouth. Terry was the first Plymouth College of Art graduate to be selected to exhibit at the FBA which selects work from outstanding graduates across the country. Alongside this he has continued to create work and engage in critiques with fellow artists.</p> <p>'I didn't realise that I would be so busy after leaving College, and that I would struggle to find time to make my art.'</p> <p>Terry is motivated to investigate through paint and believes that there is so much to learn, in talking about the inspiration for his work, he says:</p> <p>‘I am driven to question the world around me, and I use painting as a means to investigate that world. Inspiration can come from anywhere’</p> <p>‘My figurative work seeks to capture the 'presence' of objects, whereas I use my abstract work as a research tool, looking further into the concept of being and presence.’</p> <p>Reflecting on his time at Plymouth College of Art, Terry feels that studying here enabled him to make the transition from being a businessman to being an artist.</p> <p>‘It gave me the ability to make and the confidence to realise my work in my own way, but also to take risks and reveal my true self through my work.’ </p> <p>Terry really values the support of other artists and during his time at the college he collaborated with fellow students to establish Rhizome, an Artists’ Collective that supports emerging practitioners alongside staging exhibitions and co-creating projects.</p> <p>Having made the shift into life as an artist, Terry talks passionately about what he does:</p> <p>'Being a painter is a wonderful life. The physical act of painting - having a dialogue with paint that takes you on fascinating journeys; the sense of finding my place in life through painting and working with creative minded people is what I really enjoy.’</p> <p>Terry’s plans for the future include continuing to develop his practice and to be apply for more opportunities to exhibit his work in Plymouth, London and elsewhere.</p> <p>To see more of Terry’s work you can visit the links below.</p> <p>Webpage: <a href="http://terrychannell.com/">http://terrychannell.com/ </a></p> <p>Artist’s blog: <a href="http://terrychannell.com/experience/">www.terrychannell.com/experience</a></p> <p>Rhizome Artist's Collective: <a href="http://rhizome-ac.webs.com/">http://rhizome-ac.webs.com/</a></p>

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