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Tom Kirkman

<p>Tom Kirkamn studied BA Film at Plymouth College of Art and graduated in 2014. He now lives and works in Bristol.</p> <p>“I’ve sent about a million emails, had coffees and chats with numerous industry professionals and basically made it known to every interesting film company in Bristol that I am available to work and will work my heart out if given the opportunity. I have also been doing some freelance work for a few different companies around the country.” <br /><br /> Tom ‘s graduation film 'Process', was screened at a lot of film festivals all across the country. In Paris it even won some awards and put him in contact with some really interesting film professionals.</p> <p>“Going to the film festivals was a great experience as everyone there shares the same interests and passions as you. I really don't like the word ‘networking’, but they are great places to network and make contacts”<br /><br /> Tom is now working full time for a company called Creative Concept as a Camera Operator and Editor. He is also directing a series of team edits for a downhill mountain bike team on the UCI World Cup Tour. This company predominantly shoot extreme sports and have some big clients. </p> <p>“Since taking this position I has been offered work and contacted by so many of the companies that I emailed which is crazy! I'm sure there is a saying about busses all coming at once!”<br /><br /> last week Tom was in Lourdes in France for the first round of the UCI mountain bike world cup.</p> <p>“I thought I would be shadowing another guy to help shoot and edit a short documentary about the Norco Factory Racing team. It turned out that I was doing almost everything. It was a totally new experience and completely in at the deep end but the final product looked great and it was an amazing experience. I feel so much more confident in my skills and abilities now.” <br /><br /> Tom believes that studying at Plymouth College of Art enabled him to be experimental and explore new avenues in his practice.</p> <p>“Plymouth College of Art pushed me to take risks and I think it has really helped me since leaving. Employers have loved that fact that I try to make something a bit different and creative. I don't think many other courses are as flexible as this one for letting you go crazy with your ideas. There was also a lot of emphasis on professional practice within the course which has greatly benefited me since leaving it has helped me promote my work as well as interact with clients or potential employers in a more professional manor.”<br /><br /> Tom Kirkman’s Website: http://www.tomkirkmanmedia.co.uk</p>

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