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Apprentice delivers at dv8media

Plymouth based creative and digital agency dv8media pass on their knowledge and highlight the benefits of taking on an apprentice.
<p><strong>Directors Adrian &amp; Chris founded dv8media in 2003 after graduating from Plymouth College of Art. Having been established in Plymouth for more than 10 years they are now one of the South West's leading website design, website development, creative and digital agencies.</strong></p> <p>In July 2012 dv8media recruited a Level 3 Design Apprentice from Plymouth College of Art, Georgia Forrest-Jones, to join their growing business.<br /><br />The majority of Georgia's time is spent working alongside the team at dv8, while she attends college to learn the theory side of being a Designer, from software packages through to knowledge of materials, techniques and much more. She explains why she chose the apprenticeship scheme. <em>"I wanted to be an apprentice to be able to start experiencing what it's like to work in a creative agency, but also continue to learn new skills whilst I'm doing it. I also felt that uni wasn't for me because I wanted to go out and see what business is like straight away. I think this programme is great, I have enjoyed it so far and I'm very pleased to be an apprentice at dv8media."</em><br /><br />dv8media are based at Tamar Science Park, which demonstrates how committed Georgia is to the Apprenticeship as she travels in from Salcombe to work each day.<br /></p>
"It has been great to see a local business, and ex-students of the college, benefitting from our Design Apprenticeship programme."
- Becky Moore
<p><br />Georgia started working on some basic tasks but more recently has developed a whole branding concept for a local coffee company, which is being used by the business, under the mentoring of Liz Orgill, Marketing Executive at DV8. The programme has allowed Georgia to develop a variety of specialist and business skills. <em>"I have enjoyed a range of things including, learning how the business works, and learning new skills and techniques during college and also in the workplace. I have enjoyed being able to expand my design skills whilst I'm working and also to meet new people within the business. I would definitely recommend the programme to other people, it has been a great experience."</em><br /></p> <p>Both Adrian and Chris graduated from Plymouth College of Art in 2003. Chris completed an ND in Multimedia Design, HND in Multimedia and then a BA (Hons) Photo Media &amp; Design Communication and Adrian completed the same HND and BA. Adrian explains the benefits of taking on an apprentice. <em>"Having had a positive experience with previous apprentices we thought it the perfect opportunity to look for a graphic design apprentice when needing support for our experienced in house team. With input from Plymouth College of Art, our newest recruit has developed her skills quickly in the time she has been with us, becoming more and more valuable to the business with each week that passes. We feel it's a win win situation, as our creative team get the support they need, dv8media are able to support new local talent in our sector and our apprentice is receiving valuable on the job experience to compliment her studies."</em><br /><br />Becky Moore, Apprenticeship Manager at the college says <em>"It has been great to see a local business, and ex-students of the college, benefitting from our Design Apprenticeship programme. Apprenticeships are a great way for businesses to grow their team and bring in new skills. We are working with more and more organisations who hadn't considered Apprenticeships before, which gives more opportunities to young people looking to get their foot on the career ladder."</em></p>