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Frocks to Rock

Local charity Jeremiah's Journey has teamed up with fashion students at Plymouth College of Art to produce unique designs that will be sold in a silent auction as part of the "Frocks to Rock" event.
<p>Jeremiah's Journey is a Plymouth based charity that offers support to bereaved children and their families who live in city or the immediate surrounding area. The ‘Frocks to Rock’ event will be held at the Devonport Guildhall on Saturday 1st December from 7.30pm and will be a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your party needs.</p> <p>Students at the college are working on the project in small groups to design a small collection based around a theme such as transport. Once their theme was confirmed the students began working on their designs and were presented with a donated dress to ‘re-work’ into their chosen designs.</p> <p>Jessica Vincent, 20 who is studying FD Fashion has been working on the theme of transport and motorbikes “We started with the designs before we were even given the dresses, so it was interesting to see how they would work with the dress we had. It’s been interesting to strip the dresses back and think about we can make it work with different techniques and dyeing.”</p> <p>Vicky Parnall, 22 on the BA Fashion programme said “It’s good to be working on something that will eventually be sold and for a charity. The project is exciting and interesting as we’ve all been given a theme and deadline but each design has taken a different direction.”</p> <p>Jasmin Hogben, 20 who also studies BA Fashion has found it an interesting challenging trying to interpret their theme into a design “Our theme is ‘meat’ so it was challenging to turn that into a wearable design that people would want to bid for. We decided to work with ‘fleshy tones’ to incorporate the theme.”</p> <p>FD Fashion student Brooke Tippett, 32 said “It’s been great working on these designs, our theme is graffiti so we started by looking at the graffiti on the embankment, the colours and shapes. We’ve now started taking apart the dresses and looking forward to piecing them back together.”</p> <p>The final creations will be showcased in a fashion show at ‘Frocks to Rock’ in December and available to bid for in a silent auction. The event will also include a variety of stalls from local businesses where you can find everything you need for the Christmas party season.</p>