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Students make their mark

Students have been given the opportunity to get their creative endeavors into the public gaze and make their mark on the hoardings surrounding the new build site.
<p><strong>As part of the new campaign ‘Make Your Mark’, our talented students have been given the opportunity to get their creative endeavours into the public gaze applying colourful designs to a huge expanse of hoardings that surround the College’s new build site that will house the Contemporary Craft block costing £7.7M.</strong></p> <p>The aim of the design brief to students was to use the otherwise dull panels to showcase the spirit, energy and amazing creative buzz on the inside of Plymouth College of Art to the outside world and catch the attention of those passing by.</p> <p>BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Illustration students have submitted designs, with the winning selections being applied to the hoardings with specialist spray paints using a combination of freehand painting and stenciling of detailed laser-cut designs. One winning student will receive a prize of an ipad mini with two more runners up prizes of £50 each for an Illustration and a Graphic Design undergraduate.</p> <p>To complete the ambitious project students from across the college have worked closely with skilled technicians to refine the designs and laser-cut them on to acrylic over a series of weekends and evenings.</p> <p>Decorating the blue Mansell hoardings kicked off on Sunday 17th March at 6am with five students, Jordan Brown, Michael Coombs, Sam Thorne, Dom Tsoi and Dan Budd working hard to manage the process and decorate the space opposite the Drakes Circus Shopping Centre.</p> <p>Student Jordan was excited to be part of the project <em>“this is a great way to represent the creativity of the college, much better than simply applying a print. We’ve received a really positive response from the passing public.”</em></p> <p>Students who contributed to the final hoarding atwork included Kadi Vowden, Mikey Coombs, Sasha Seraia, Amber Haley, Angie Henriques, Jordan Brown, Micah Shaw, Emilie Raes, Carolyne Hanby, Sam Donohoe and Oliver Harrison.</p> <p>The project represents the first student brief that underpins the College’s visually arresting advertising campaign conceived by creative agency YCN Studio that rolls out in March. The campaign features photography and a short film shot at the college by Luke Kerwan and showcases some of the incredible creative studio process. All the objects photographed and filmed for <em>MAKE YOUR MARK MAKE IT HERE</em> (…at Plymouth College of Art) were created by technicians and tutors (themselves artists) across subjects ranging from Photography and Glass through to digital Design for Games.</p> <p>Jacqueline Moore, Associate Director of Brand explained,<em> “Our campaign celebrates just a handful of the many rich processes that go on inside our specialist studios. This community of artists offers students so many opportunities to work across and explore diverse disciplines in contemporary art and media - to truly ‘make their mark’ and achieve success.”</em></p> <p>Plymouth College of Art has long been a ‘best kept secret’ but with an ambitious programme of campus development, internationally successful teachers and alumni and the nationally recognised Plymouth School of Creative Arts opening in September 2013, it is increasingly attracting national and European attention.</p> <p>See a short video of the project here <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener"></a></p>