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Research & Innovation

Research integrity and ethics at Arts University Plymouth are internally governed by our Guiding principles on good conduct in staff research and scholarly activities.

<p>These outline the ways in which the university conforms to the Research Integrity Concordat. They also describe the university procedures for ensuring that the principles associated with this guidance are upheld and maintained across research and related activities. </p> <p>In drawing up this guidance and its attendant procedures and definitions, the university takes account of other relevant practices, such as legislation relating to Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety, Data Protection, Intellectual Property, human participation and Animal Experimentation.<br /></p>
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<p>As a specialist university of art, design and media, Arts University Plymouth’s guidance on good conduct in research, practice and scholarly activity is designed to be relevant to the broad practice-led, scholarship and theory-based range of art, design and media activities with which it is associated. </p> <p>The intention is always to create clear and consistent principles to guide university staff, and to enunciate these guiding principles to wider audiences.<br /></p>
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<p>As well as being relevant to research initiated or led by university staff, the guiding principles are intended to be applicable to situations in which university staff collaborate in projects led by external agencies, and/or involve persons and activities from disciplinary backgrounds other than those associated with art, design and media. </p> <p>In all cases, the university seeks to ensure that any research activity with which its staff are associated, either as Principal Investigators or in secondary cooperative roles, is ethically valid and that all staff remain vigilant regarding the possible ethical dimensions of their activities and those of their colleagues.</p>