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Saltwater Place by Prestige Student Living

Prestige Student Living are another student accommodation provider in the city, with Saltwater Place on Notte Street.

<p><strong><a href="https://prestigestudentliving.com/student-accommodation/plymouth/saltwater-place" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Saltwater Place</a> </strong>is another student accommodation location we can recommend, located near Plymouth Hoe and has en-suite rooms available from £140* per week and accessible studios available from £171* per week. </p> <p>All rooms include wifi, access to a games room, laundry room and bicycle storage as well as a communal lounge and study area, and they’re only a 15 minute walk away from campus.</p>
<p>*Please note all prices are correct as of February 2024 and may be subject to change.</p>
Saltwater Place Plymouth
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