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BA (Hons) Fashion Design

Join our dynamic BA (Hons) Fashion Design program, tailored to nurture independently-minded fashion thinkers and makers poised to lead change in the industry. Our comprehensive curriculum equips you with the skills and knowledge essential for influencing change within the fashion industry. With a focus on creativity, innovation, and practical application, our program prepares you for a rewarding career in fashion design.

<ul><li dir="ltr"><p dir="ltr">Our philosophy is to develop students as independently-minded fashion thinkers and skilled makers who can confidently challenge the conventions of a rapidly changing fashion industry.</p></li><li dir="ltr"><p dir="ltr">An innovative curriculum supported by an actively engaged and diverse team of tutors and professionals</p></li><li dir="ltr"><p dir="ltr"><strong>PRO ENTREPRENEURSHIP WITH WELL ESTABLISHED LOCAL, NATIONAL &amp; INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRY LINKS, </strong>creating a broad range of opportunities for students with embedded business training and live opportunities</p></li></ul>
I am impressed by the flexibility and encouragement that the Fashion programme offers students to explore their personal creativity. It is a real strength that students are empowered to explore the varied specialities within fashion design, without being limited. It allows them to make decisions, grow in confidence and understand their own opinion and taste level, learning to adapt to different markets and customers – a vital skill set in industry.
Becky French, Accessories Designer, Marwood
Ben Shales

Ben Shales

<p>At Arts University Plymouth, we foster a culture of independence within our vibrant fashion program. We empower aspiring fashion thinkers, makers, and designers to embrace their creative journey and carve their path in the ever-evolving fashion landscape. By seamlessly blending traditional craft techniques with cutting-edge digital technologies, you'll transcend your ideas from mere concepts to tangible, three-dimensional creations. Our curriculum encourages innovation and individualism, preparing you for success in the dynamic world of fashion. Join us as we redefine design, take creative risks, and communicate your unique style through your craft.</p>

From cutting-room floor to international runways, BA (Hons) Fashion students discuss their journey to industry.

<p>Step into our expansive Fashion Studio, bathed in natural light and offering breathtaking panoramic views. Equipped with cutting-edge industry-standard technologies, this space serves as your creative sanctuary. But your journey at Arts University Plymouth extends far beyond the confines of our Fashion Studio. Embrace a culture of cross-disciplinary collaboration, where you'll hone your skills in our professional textile print studios, jewellery and ceramics workshops, and our innovative Fab Lab. Here, you'll have access to the latest in laser cutting, 3D printing, and design technology, expanding your horizons and unleashing your creativity to its fullest potential. </p>
<p dir="ltr">You'll have the freedom to refine your signature aesthetic without the constraints of a predefined house style. Our comprehensive program covers every facet of the design process, including trend analysis, research, design development, drawing, and illustration. Dive into the realms of colour and fabric development, and immerse yourself in historical and cultural studies that inform your creative vision.</p> <p dir="ltr">From translating ideas from 2D to 3D to mastering the art of presentation and marketing, our curriculum prepares you for every aspect of the industry. Embrace the business side of fashion as you delve into business development, equipping yourself with the skills needed to thrive in the competitive fashion landscape.</p>
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Fashion students debut their final collections at London's Graduate Fashion Week.

<p dir="ltr">At Arts University Plymouth, you'll have access to cutting-edge facilities and invaluable industry partnerships. Utilise global trend forecasting tools like WGSN and The Future Laboratory, and master software such as Adobe Creative Suite and Gerber Accumark for CAD pattern cutting. Our curriculum covers every aspect of the design process, from future forecasting to concept and design development, and from creative pattern cutting to the leadership of compelling marketing campaigns.</p> <p><br />Fashion is one of the largest employers in the UK’s creative industries, offering boundless opportunities for forward-thinking individuals. At our university, you'll be encouraged to challenge assumptions, take creative risks, and communicate your individual style through your work. Whether you're interested in menswear, womenswear, lingerie, knitwear, performance, sportswear, or other technical routes, we provide the tools and support for you to realise your ideas and develop specialised skills.</p>
<p dir="ltr">Acquire a comprehensive understanding of sustainable design and ethical manufacturing, gaining insight into every step of the commercial supply chain. Develop entrepreneurial skills through collaborative projects and live briefs, becoming industry-ready for the competitive fashion landscape.</p> <p dir="ltr">Engage with expert industry speakers and collaborate with renowned brands like Finisterre and Hiut Denim to enhance your market awareness, project management, and communication skills. Explore the factors influencing design, development, and production while participating in industry events worldwide, including London, Paris, New York, and Berlin. Showcase your work at prestigious events like Graduate Fashion Week and leverage our extensive professional network to secure placements with leading fashion houses like Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, and more.<br /></p>
Oliwia Nowotnik's Wia Wear backstage at the London Graduate Fashion Week. The three models are wearing red and white street wear with bold white graphics characteristic of Oliwia's design.
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Arts University Plymouth has an overall student satisfaction rate of 81%, significantly above the national average of 76%
- National Student Survey 2022
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Fashion students debut their final collections at London's Graduate Fashion Week.

<p>Although many of our students do come in with top grades and high UCAS points, these aren’t necessarily essential for entry. We typically ask for a minimum of <strong>112 UCAS points</strong>, but we understand that talented artists, designers and makers can have a wide range of relevant strengths and skills beyond formal qualifications. We’re just as interested in exploring your portfolio and discussing your creative experiences as we are in seeing your grades.</p> <p>We recognise the value of a variety of qualifications and relevant experience and welcome applications from students who have followed less traditional routes. We also accept a range of international qualifications and will look at each application individually. </p> <p>For more information please consult our <a href="">How to Apply page</a> and the UCAS <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Tariff Table</a>.</p>
<p>All students at Arts University Plymouth can access specialist support via our Student Support Team. Our trained advisers offer information and guidance on student finance and funding, disability support, counselling and more.<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener"><br /><br />Click here</a> to read more about the support we offer.</p>
<ul><li><strong>Email:</strong> <a href=""></a></li><li><strong>Instagram:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@aup_bafashiondesign</a></li></ul>