Work by Molly Adlington BA Hons Fashion Design 2

BA (Hons) Fashion Design

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<p>Speak to someone today and gain personal insight into our creative community. From finding accommodation and student finance to course content and employability, our approachable student ambassadors are available to answer your questions on live chat.</p> <p><strong><br /></strong><strong>Laura Blastock, BA (Hons) Fashion:</strong></p> <p>"I’ve really, really enjoyed my time here. The facilities that I’ve experienced have been really good – screen-printing, woodwork, ceramics, the tufting gun. I’m able to practise with these resources, learn the skills, and incorporate that into my work.</p> <p>“I’ve also really enjoyed having lots of tutor time. I think it’s really important that you get a lot of one-on-one tutor time. I have friends in London and sometimes they only get an hour a month.</p> <p>“And the new Fashion space that we have is really good too. It’s helped us worked with other year groups, and that’s really helpful. Working together you get new ideas and we also get to work alongside the BA (Hons) Fashion Media and Marketing students who give us loads of helpful pointers.”<br /></p> <p><strong>Emma Hodgkiss, BA (Hons) Fashion:</strong></p> <p>“The ideas for this menswear collection came out of my interest in the hidden substructures and cultural values associated with garments. For instance, I discovered that in Buddhist cultures various kinds of discarded and damaged cloth are venerated. To recreate the authenticity of the influence, I experimented with Japanese cutting, screen printing and laser cutting.</p> <p>"I love finding different ways of making garments personal to the customers and having a story to tell. During my degree I’ve gained a wide range of skills including Photoshop, Illustrator, researching, design development, garment production and understanding of construction. I’ve also developed skills in different screen printing techniques and manipulation of fabric. </p> <p>"I’ve a strong interest in research and development, from understanding what the modern man wants from his clothing, to the design development of the final garments, so I hope to carry on designing menswear. I feel I can contribute something new to the fashion industry.”</p> <p><strong>Sherry Pritchet, <strong>BA (Hons) Fashion:</strong></strong></p> <p>“This year my work has been about creating my business and about selling work. I’m designing men and women’s street wear with a twist. There’s definitely a market for it – I’ve already got customers through word of mouth and social networking. I’ve been selling direct to the public and am planning a pop-up shop. I knew I didn’t want to go towards couture.</p> <p>"I did A levels before applying here to the FD Fashion course and am now finishing the top-up year for my BA. The course has given me the drive to do it, and the Fashion Show is a lot of work but does the garments justice, and I can be involved in styling the models.” </p> <p><strong>Jess Vincent,</strong> <strong>BA (Hons) Fashion:</strong></p> <p>"The course encourages you to do exactly what you want. My designs are traditional and use earthy colours but I’ve made dissolvable fabric – it feels papery, you stitch on to it then put it in water and the material dissolves. I’m also knitting garments for my collection and making yarn out of embroidery thread. We’re encouraged to aim high. They believe in us so we believe in ourselves. I’ve got an internship at J W Anderson in London for the whole of the summer, but right now I’m making eight garments for the end of year show."</p>