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DEGREE SHOWS - Sustainability on show

Our students are as passionate as we are about taking care of the environment. Here’s a selection of some of the works at this year’s Degree Shows that highlight their drive for a sustainable future.
<h5>Did you know that Plymouth is the largest city in the UK to achieve Plastic Free Communities approved status?</h5><h5>From recycling heat systems to solar panelling, as an institution, we’re committed to achieving a <strong>34% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020</strong> - a goal set in our sustainability agenda.<br /></h5> <p>Our students are as passionate as we are about taking care of the environment. Here’s a selection of some of the works on show at this year’s Degree Shows that highlight the drive for a sustainable future…</p>
Helena Dore My Forest 9
Heléna Doré - My Forest
<p>Illustrator and designer <strong>Heléna Doré has been congratulated by Sir David Attenborough for her "elegant and beautiful" illustrations of 40 species discovered or declared extinct between 1979 and 2019</strong>. For the Degree Shows 2019 Helena has created ‘My Forest’, a children's book based around deforestation.</p> <p>‘My Forest’ is a children's book based around the deforestation of bamboo forests and the negative impact that this has on pandas and other endemic species in the area. Made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials, Heléna illustrated, wrote and hand-bound ‘My Forest’ using traditional Chinese binding techniques, with some bamboo illustrations contributed by friends and family to represent the need for collaboration to push for positive environmental change.</p> <p>Showcasing her dedication to a zero-waste way of working, offcuts from the book were even transformed into small panda figurines, using recycled paper clay.</p>
Chantelle Brown - Evolution
BA (HONS) FASHION - Chantelle Brown - Evolution
<p>Chantelle has built an entirely sustainable fashion collection within our dedicated workshops, using materials such as Lycra made from plastic bottles and dighting nets. She also reused waste materials, reconstructing a discarded parachute into garments for her collection.</p> <p>“The concept for my collection is to use materials and products which would have been disposed of in the ocean and re-work them into exciting, wearable garments which can be worn in the sea and around our coasts.</p> <p>My collection really reflects me and my desire to work with sustainable materials and my passion to change within the fashion industry, I enjoy working within the production and technical area of the industry and am proud of my creative and technical skills to be able to bring a project to life."<br /></p>
Screenshot 2019 06 14 at 14 19 11
Janet Schreyer
<h5>Janet Schreyer’s work is a commentary on environmental issues such as reducing plastic usage and it’s disposal. She proposes solutions for tackling some of these. Her work is an amalgamation of art and science, utilising maths and statistics to address social and environmental impact.<br /></h5> <p>For her final collection, Janet presents skeuomorphic toiletry bottles made of solid soap; a better alternative to its liquid counterpart. In addition, she has produced a collection of body, hair and animal soaps to prove there is a healthier, less damaging and toxic alternative to liquid soap.</p> <p>Janet has also built and installed a public, plastic collection bin in response to a private commission. The bin, designed to resemble a fish, can be viewed at the Liner Lookout Cafe on Plymouth Hoe.</p>
CF010762 copy
Kelly Rice - Make, Mend, and Lend
BA (HONS) INTERIOR DESIGN & STYLING - Kelly Rice - Make, Mend, and Lend
<p>The concept for Kelly Rice’s final piece is a mobile up-cycling hub in the form of a dynamic double-decker bus. This bus will travel to various locations and events around the UK, such as London Climate Change Week, Port Eliot Festival and other urban and rural hotspots.</p> <p>By providing an exciting, stimulating and vibrant space that allows customers to swap, up-cycle or purchase preloved furniture and clothing, Kelly hopes that we can open up to a more circular model of consumption and tap into the ‘Re-commerce’ market that is currently building momentum. Re-evaluating the physical retail space will be a key driver in how the high-street store evolves, and how it can contribute to social conversations, engage in action and connect with customers on a deeper level.</p> <p>“I’m influenced by the work of <a href="">Marcie K</a>, and <a href="">Muck N Brass</a>, and would consider myself as an interior designer and creative upcycler. I have a no-waste ethos and a passion for rescuing and re-purposing tired items into revamped bright and bold creations!”</p>
Jess Hunt Film Degree Shows2019 1
Jess Hunt - A Sustainable World: Finisterre (Film Still)
BA (HONS) FILM - Jess Hunt - A Sustainable World: Finisterre
<h5>Influenced by the work of wildlife presenters Sir David Attenborough and Liz Bonnin, Jess Hunt worked with South-West lifestyle and clothing brand Finisterre to produce a short documentary looking at their sustainable practices and processes.<br /></h5> <p>“I was driven by the need to make people more aware of how harmful the fast fashion industry is to our environment, so I decided to combine genres of a fashion film with documentary, to produce an educational and promotional film.</p> <p>“In this documentary, you’ll discover the sense of a community within their company, what it means to be sustainable to them, as well as what it means to the planet.”</p>