Student Life

Arts University Plymouth is committed to, and values, exploration and experimentation across traditional material processes alongside new and emerging technologies. To support this ethos, we use Wednesdays as a day where our students, when not in timetabled teaching, are free to explore creative skills outside their usual programme of study.

Both online and on-campus, our students are able to choose from a rich, rolling menu of workshops led by our excellent technical and Learning Lab colleagues, offered free of charge, with everything from learning new or unfamiliar processes, CV writing and job search workshops to glass bead making, Adobe Indesign sessions and website building workshops on offer.

Our exciting and diverse programme of open access rolling workshops on Wednesdays gives students a chance to encounter unfamiliar technical processes, strengthen existing skills, and engage in broader learning opportunities in the university.

An Ultimaker 3D printer prints a neon pink shape on a green platform

3D printing in Fab Lab Plymouth

All of our workshops are free for registered students to take part in. Our resources and workshop LABS in the university not only support timetabled curriculum delivery but provide open access to students at all levels throughout the week (subject to availability) who want to further develop their skills. We have also recently extended our workshop access into the evenings from 18:00 to 20:30.

How to sign-up:

  1. Log in to SmartHub (you must be a current registered student of Arts University Plymouth)
  2. Click on the Workshop Wednesdays link in the 'Book by Category' drop-down.
  3. Book your chosen Workshop via SmartHub.

If you have any questions about our technical Workshop Wednesdays, you can contact our Technical Resource Managers on trm@aup.ac.uk. If you have any questions about the Learning Lab and its programme, please email learninglab@aup.ac.uk

The workshops facilitate student agency, mobility outside your subject, and a chance for you to immerse yourself in creative cross-disciplinary exchange with your peers. The programme also gives students the opportunity to engage with students from different programmes and year groups as part of our wider creative community.

Some notable examples include fashion students making films in our moving image and photography studios, animators exploring 3D printing in our Fab Lab, fine art students working with letterpress, and interiors and graphic design students perfecting specialist fabric printing techniques in our textile studios.

"There is an open door atmosphere, when you walk into the studios and workshops everyone is really helpful, and can show you what to do and introduce you to new techniques that will enhance your design opportunities"
Josh Silvester, BA (Hons) Graphic Design
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In developing an awareness of cross-disciplinary thinking and making, these workshops provide the chance for students to create career and employment opportunities, expanding their creative horizons and gaining important skills, experience and industry insight, that will support them throughout their professional and creative lives.

Josh Silvester, a BA (Hons) Graphic Communication student, collaborated with Hannah Joce from our BA (Hons) Fashion Design programme on projects whilst they were both studying at the university, and when they graduated they decided to set up a business together.

“There are so many exciting things happening at Arts University Plymouth. I studied graphic design but was able to expand my knowledge in so much more than that, learning about fashion design, photography, film, screenprinting, through the encouragement of cross-collaboration in the university.

There is an open door atmosphere, when you walk into the studios and workshops everyone is really helpful, and can show you what to do and introduce you to new techniques that will enhance your design opportunities. I started my streetwear brand, KamEfla3, in the university after doing some branding work for the BA (Hons) Fashion programme. I approached Hannah Joce, a student on the fashion programme about the idea, and we started the brand together. We worked really well, producing shows and putting our collaborative skills to work, and we have carried on this venture after graduating. The wide range of knowledge I gained from all areas of Arts University Plymouth helped give me the skills I needed to get our business started.” — Josh Silvester, BA (Hons) Graphic Communication graduate.

As part of their Workshop Wednesday programme, our Learning Lab also run sessions related to academic skills, professional development, technologies and careers or self-employment.The opportunities for collaboration and exchange are endless, and open for you to discover.