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Smart Citizens Programme (SCP)

The Smart Citizens Programme (SCP) is part of the iMayflower project and has been supported by The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport who fund the Cultural Development Fund which is administered by Arts Council England.

The iMayflower project aims to deliver a programme of large scale cultural and creative events to inspire and enrich lives. iMayflower is led by Plymouth City Council and delivered in partnership with Creative England, Crowdfunder, Destination Plymouth, Arts University Plymouth, Real Ideas Organisation and University of Plymouth.

Working with citizens, communities and businesses in Plymouth and the region to provide access to digital fabrication facilities, training in digital design and manufacturing and support with sustainable entrepreneurship.

The smart citizens programme offers workshops, community groups meet-ups, and training with accreditation in digital design and fabrication. The activities emphasise using the city's natural and internal resources to make new products following the circular economy principles and design thinking methodologies. The programme activities focus on various themes such as agri-food, conservation and environment, art and creativity, experimental manufacturing, FabCity, urban innovations and more.

Empowering citizens with digital technologies skills and connecting ideas, people and enterprises in order to unlock the potential of citizen makers building and presenting innovative solutions for the people and the planet. The programme is also developing a volunteer scheme to build a local makers and innovators culture and community.

Due to the global pandemic COVID-19, we are designing online intro sessions to the programme and are planning on delivering activities in the Citizens Lab (Fab Lab Plymouth) whenever the situation gets better.

SCP has three main activities:

1. Citizens Lab
The ‘Citizens Lab’ facility where citizens and early concept businesses can come together with technical experts and digital technologies to prototype concepts and move to small scale production. This space is focused on experimenting and developing sustainable solutions for the city through the preservation and enhancement of our natural and cultural assets working with creative industries within a range of sectors.

2. Engagement Programme
An outreach programme accessible to everyone providing access to digital technologies and training in how to design and make almost anything. The programme is also seeking to engage citizens in policy-level decision making that uses digital technologies to enhance the city’s natural assets in a sustainable manner, bringing immersive technologies and cultural activities together.

3. Sustainable Design Initiative
This initiative is creating a project that brings together local authority urban planners and procurement leads with local citizens to specifically consider the placemaking agenda within Plymouth. This is a grassroots-driven initiative to embed citizen-led and local SME-led solutions on a city-wide scale.

Smart Citizens Programme Themes
The programme activities will be linked to these themes inspired by the FabCity Manifesto:

  • Agri-food
  • Empowering Technology
  • Experimental Manufacturing
  • Conservation & Environment
  • Creativity & Art
  • Circular Economies
  • Plymouth FabCity
  • Urban Innovations
  • Health & Wellbeing

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Citizens Lab Engagement Programme Sustainable Design Initiative
More information: fablabplymouth.org

Alexandra Murphy, Project Manager amurphy@aup.ac.uk

Sophie Headdon, Communications and Events Officer sheaddon@aup.ac.uk

Ben Mundy, Fab Lab Manager bmundy@aup.ac.uk

This programme is part of the iMayflower project and has been supported by The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport who fund the Cultural Development Fund which is administered by Arts Council England.