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Our Alumni

Atmosphere is a hard thing to put into words, but so many people who come here say the same thing: it feels like home. Get to know the talented alumni who make up our close-knit university community.

David Mckee Elmer
Artist & Honorary Fellow (2011)
Josh Greet
Freelance Photographer
Plymouth College of Art Alumnus Benjamin Lintell at Wave Murano Glass Venice
Visiting Artist & Alumni
Tom Oldham
Portrait Photographer
Andy Ford Screenshot for Web 1
Music, Editorial & Commercial Photographer
Tristan Manco, Illustration lecturer and Jake Williams, graduate, sit in a cafe chatting
Freelance Illustrator
Nicholas White
BA Hons Game Arts graduate Tim Nguyen
Senior UI & UX Designer at Sony
Megan Shepherd
Art Technician at Ubisoft Leamington
Dan Broadley
Director at Kode Media
Mnaxj45 G 400x400
Buyer at Mint Velvet
Screen Shot 2018 04 09 at 12 03 18
Freelance Painter
Screen Shot 2017 12 04 at 11 17 30
Freelance Illustrator
Screen Shot 2018 02 12 at 12 40 27
Freelance Illustrator
Henry South Senior Texture Artist
CG Supervisor at Jellyfish Pictures
Allie Couch
Freelance Designer
Stef Nurding
CEO of Salon
Screen Shot 2018 02 01 at 11 30 37
Jewellery Designer
Harley crop
Illustrator / Trainee Teacher
Emma Morgan
Props Builder
Screen Shot 2017 12 04 at 13 03 04
Designer / Maker & Creative Project Manager
Rhys Coren
Freelance Artist
Rebecca roberts ceramics screenshot
Freelance Ceramicist
Oliver Hughes
3D Animator at Moving Picture Company
Art thread28 620x438 1
Tailor's Apprentice with Paulo Nicodemi on Savile Row
Emmeline Kwaan Heart for Art webres 2
Luke Sims
Video Producer at Sponge UK
Ben Bavin
Glass Artist & Alumni
Ian Palfrey
Glass Artist & Alumni
Colin Wilkes
Glass Artist & Alumni
Amanda West Bolster cushions
Interior Textiles Designer
James Ellwood
Communications & Engagement Coordinator at Plymouth Energy Community
2 Tom Bispham at MISFITS Boxing
Creative Director
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Co-Founder of Round One Films
Lize Meddings
Illustrator & Founder of The Sad Ghost Club
Iga Rita Stepien
Filmmaker, Translator & Event Organiser from Poland
Director & Filmmaker from Bulgaria
Maia Cazzani
Fashion Photographer from Italy
Filmmaker from Italy
Student Paula Meninato curates panel discussion with Michelle Angela Ortiz Christopher Sebastian Mc Jetters Miholyn Soon and Jo Anne Mc Arthur Photos by Sarah Packer
Artist, Activist & Public Speaker from America
Natalia Lombardi
Textile Designer & Researcher
Maia Walton
Ceramic Artist
Alan Qualtrough
Letterpress artist, graphic designer & typographer
Nicky Harwood 2
Printmaker & educator
Wedding & Brand Photographer
Jane Norris
Designer & Facilitator
Zenna Tagney
Artist & Ceramicist
Molly Allam
School Teacher
Clothing & Accessory Designer
Artist 2 William Luz 420x582
Nadia Millinship
Entrepreneur & Founder of Club Kombat
Amanda Biscoe
Co-founder of the Exeter Seed Bank
Harry Richards
Graphic Designer
Katherine Toms
Print Designer & Illustrator
Craig Richards
Senior Environment Artist
Aaron Lovelock
Morwenna Franks
Interior Designer
Carly Hitchens
Jewellery Designer
Cecily Goff
Freelance Illustrator
Leah Jordan
Multidisciplinary Artist
Donna Burns
Jewellery Maker & Designer
Sophie Elkin
Freelance Interior Designer & Stylist
Martha Fitzpatrick
Image shows a woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a long sleeved olive green top with a small smile on her face looking straight at the camera in front of a white background
Designer at Here Design
Charlotte Leadley
Freelance Illustrator
Josh Beamish
Freelance Illustrator
Plymouth College of Art Belinda Bayley Lick Home wallpapers print design 1
Freelance Print Designer
George Goodwin
Illustrator at OMGIDRAWEDIT
Angela Datseri
Illustrator & Textile Designer
Truth Wall Print at Action Ocean Studios 2022.  There are white posters with coloured type saying "Create a Climate of Change" and "Clean Seas for All"
Co-founder of Ocean Studios
Becky May
Senior Product Developer at Talking Tables
Corey Vesper
Production Assistant at Framestore
Katie Thorn
Graphic Designer at Copyrite
Lewis Rhodes
Documentary Filmmaker at Play Sports Network
Chris Quick
Advertising & Editorial Photographer at Pro:Direct Sport
Brogan Algar 2019
Graphic Designer at Algar Design
Emily Collins
Digital Manager for Crafts Council
Senior Designer at 33Seconds